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How much does a website cost?

Pay as you go. Build your website in four stages 

Simple Payment Structure

Payment – Work – Approval – Repeat until complete   Each stage starts with a single payment. The deliverable for each stage is outlined below. Minimized risk. 50% refund if a stage is canceled within 10 business days. Add-on features increase the complexity of the project which increase costs.  


Define your goals. Understand your target audience. Refine your message. Write text content. Gather and/or create media resources (images, graphics, video). This critical stage requires communication and teamwork from both parties.
A free, cloud-based, project management board (Trello) will contain all the information any developer would need in order to move into the prototype stage. Sample Trello Board The sample is set for public view. Your project would use a private, invite-only board.  


Developed on a bpn network subdomain, the link would look like this:

[your site name]

This work is done by bpn, however, a login can be provided if you prefer a more hands-on approach.
The prototype can be exported into one file that can be archived or migrated to another network. The prototype sub-domain link is kept active after launch to provide a place to do any future development or testing without disrupting your live site.


There are two rounds of revisions. Once the prototype is complete, you identify all the changes for bpn to make for round one. Take a week to get feedback from various people and then make a list of final changes for bpn to make.
As with the prototype stage, the deliverable is an exported file that can be archived or migrated. Everything is ready for launch!


bpn will need access to your web host to migrate the final version to your live site. It completely overwrites your old site – all changes will happen at once. If you do not have a web host or want to make a change, bpn can provide hosting.  
Your site is live and open for business! The launch includes the setup of security measures, connection to the Google Marketing Platform, and email routing if needed.

Website Performance Packs

A well-maintained thing is a reliable thing.

You know that your site needs to be updated, backed up, and kept secure. You want to know if it goes offline, or if your site has been hacked, and you want to keep your site up-to-date to be sure that you’re not missing out on potential customers or visitors. But you’re not a web developer. That’s where bpn can help.

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